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Open to all members! This is more of an “organized happy hour”.

We do have minutes, financial reports, event planning, membership drives, etc. (Someone has to plan all this phun!!). We always party with a purpose,one drink at a time, tossing a dollar into the drink jar to help support club events!


Each month members gather at a local establishment to share stories, have a beverage or three, and just create a good time. Yet, we always party with a purpose! We support a local charity each month by bringing and donating needed supplies.


As part of a large group of Parrot Heads around the country, we have access to some of the best song-writing musicians in our network! Occasionally they will make a stop in NWA during a tour! We do our best to accommodate them and benefit from their talent as well! Yet, we always party with a purpose! Each concert brings club members together to work toward the mission of supporting needs in Northwest Arkansas.


A family friendly members only event (well worth your annual $15 fee!!!). Club members converge at a local campground for the weekend and spend a day boating to docks owned by club members. There is always lots of food, drink, and room on a boat (pirate ship)! The annual bounty hunt has become a bit competitive and the “keet heads” always enjoy the fun! A few guitars get going here and there as well as a great potluck dinner. Yet, we always party with a purpose! In the past, we have donated to local food banks!

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